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제목 Yves Panneels, Belgium 등록일 -0001.11.30 00:00
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Yves Panneels

- Chairman of The Gueuze Society Consumers Association (Since 2010).

- Board Member of the High Council for Artisanal Lambic Beers (HORAL), the Gueuze Producers Association of the Payottenland and the Senne Valley (Since 2006).

- Board Member of Landbouwkrediet - Credit Agricole Belgium (farmers bank), Centea and Crelan (1994-2016).


"Yves is a frequently invited lecturer on the lambic beer culture in Belgium and abroad (the last 18 months he has been lecturing in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Crete, Rome, New York, Maine, San Francisco).

Passionate about the local lambic beers, he organised in 2004 the first edition of the International Gueuze & Kriek Festival in 2004, a festival which is held in Belgium every other year. In the off-years, the festival is held in the United States. He is also organising the yearly Day of the Lambic and the Day of the Kriek.

Yves’ family is very much into the Belgian beer culture. His brother Kurt owns one of Belgium’s most renowned lambic pubs (In de Verzekering tegen de Grote Dorst) and his son Jan launched, at the age of 15, his first commercial beer, hence being Belgium’s youngest professional brewer ever."



- MSc Political Science (Catholic University Leuven, Belgium), 1985-1989

- M.A. Eastern European Affairs (Catholic University Leuven and Free University of Brussels, Belgium), 1989-1990

- Master European Law (University of Urbino, Italy), 1990-1991

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