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제목 Chul Cheong, Rep. of KOREA 등록일 -0001.11.30 00:00
글쓴이 CLERK 조회 142



Seoul Venture University



- Berlin University Dept. of Brewing Technology (2002, Ph. D.)

- Munich University Dept. of Food science (1996- , Master's degree)

- Inha University Dept. of Food and Nutrition (1989, Bachelor's degree)


Professional Experience

- Research Assistant, Berlin University, Dept. of Brewing Technology (1996-2002)

- Lotte Research Institute (2002~2006)

- Consultant member of KFDA for alcohol beverage(2015)

- Judge member of competitive exhibition for Korean traditional alcohol (2012~)


Recent Publications

- Characterization of brewing microorganisms isolated from Korean traditional nuruk for Cheongju production(Food Sci Biotechnol, 26(4): 959~967. 2017

- Physiochemical Characteristics of Cheongju by Low Temperature Fermentation(Journal of the Korea Academia-Industrial cooperation Society, 17(8), 492~501. 2016

- Fermentation and Quality Characteristics of Korean Traditional Cheongju by Different Mashing Methods(Journal of the Korea Academia-Industrial cooperation Society, 17(8), 637~645. 2016


Research Field

- Development of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverage

- Study of yeast metabolic mechanism for alcohol fermentation

- Study of vinegar and acetic acid bacteria

- Study of beer technology

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