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제목 Ida Bagus Wayan Gunam, INDONESIA 등록일 -0001.11.30 00:00
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Ida Bagus Wayan Gunam

Head of Bio-industry and Environmental Laboratory

Udayana University



1. B.Sc. (Ir.) in Food Technology and Nutrition (Bogor Agricultural University, 1986)

2. M.Sc. (MP.) in Food Science and Technology (Gadjah Mada University, 1997)

3. Ph.D. in Applied Bioscience (Hokkaido University, 2006)


Administrative Posts

1. Head of Department Agro-industrial Technology: 2000 2003 & 2007 2009

2. Secretary of Research Division, Centre for Research and Community Services: 2010 2014

3. Secretary of Udayana University Quality Assurance: 2014 2017.

4. Secretary of APIK Indonesia Network, Sub-Region Bali: 2015-current

5. Head of Bioindustry and Environmental Laboratory: 2017 current


Professional Membership

1. Indonesian Society for Microbiology (2000-current)

2. Indonesian Associations of food Technologies (2003 current)

3. Indonesian Society of Agro-industrial Technologist (2007- current) 4. APIK Indonesia Network (2013-current)


Areas of Expertise

1. Applied Microbiology (Energy, Environment and Food Fermentation).


Recent Research Projects (last 5 years)

1. Development of Bioethanol Production from Corn Straw Waste Using Local Cellulolytic Bacteria and Saccharomyces cerevisiae Through a Simultaneous SaccharificationFermentation Process (2017 2021),

2. Production of Sweet Dessert Wine from Super Red Fruit (Hylocereus costaricensis) (2018)

3. The Effect of Sugar Concentration and Starter on Wine Dragon Fruit Characteristics (Hylocereus costaricensis) (2018).

4. Production of brem by fermentation of salak fruit (2018).

5. Development of salak fruit wine Production (2014-current).


Recent Community Services (last 5 years)

1. Empowerment of Local Communities in the Making and Marketing of Salak Fruit Wine to Support Tourism (2018-2019).

2. Application of Value Added Technology on Ginger and Turmeric Commodity in Subak Abian Batulantang, Petang Badung Sub-district, Bali (2017).

3. Integrated Control Training of PBK and PBBK pests on Cocoa Plant in Medewi Village, Pekutatan Jembrana, Bali (2017).

4. Solid Waste Treatment of Cattle Livestock Supporting Ecotourism (2016).

5. Training of Catfish Processing in Sumberkima Village, Gerokgak Sub-District, Buleleng Regency (2016).


Consultancy Projects

1. Practical of Wine Production: Salak Wine Factory (2007 current)

2. Food safety: Bumi Menara Internusa (BMI) Surabaya (2015)

3. Waste Water Treatment Specialist: Storm Beer Factory (2010-2013)


International Collaborations

1. Collaboration on International Seminar and Workshop on Biochemistry and Environment (26th 27th April 2018) & International Conference on Bioscience and Medical Engineering (ICBME) (11-12 April 2019) with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)( http://icbme.fbme.utm.my/)

2. The Tropical Plant Curriculum project (collaboration with Texas A&M University System (TAMUS)) (2010-2012)

3. Beneficiary Survey of Denpasar Sewerage Development Project and Bali Beach Conservation Project (JICA Ex-Post Evaluation for FY 2010) 4. Pharma Mar Research Institute, Madrid, Spanyol (2008)


Journals Reviewer

1. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology (ABB) (2014)

2. Preparative Biochemistry & Biotechnology (2015)

3. Archive of Community Health (2014)

4. Agroindustrial Journal (2017)

5. Jurnal Veteriner (Indonesian Veterinary Journal) (2012)


Award & Recognition

1. Best Oral Presentation (3rd International Seminar of Indonesian Society for Microbiology (ISISM), Indonesian Society for Microbiology, Denpasar, Bali (2011)


Recent Publications (last 5 years)

Scientific Journals

1. Singapurwa, N.M.A.S., Suprapta, D.N., Gunam, I.B.W. Wirya, I G.N.A.S., Khalimi, K. 2018. Identification of Contaminant Fungi on Pedetan, an Dry Fish Product of Lemuru (Sardinella lemuru). Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare, 8(6): 75-82.

2. Gunam, I.B.W., Ardani, N.N.S., Antara, N.S. 2018. Effect of Starter and Sugar Concentration on Characteristics of Salacca Wine. Jurnal Ilmiah Teknologi Pertanian AGROTECHNO (Scientific Journal of Agricultural Technology) 3 (1): 289-297.

3. Setiyo, Y., Yuliadhi, K.A., Triani, I G.A.L., Permana, I D.G.M., Gunam, I.B.W., and Antara, N.S. 2018. Application of chicken manure compost as organic fertilizer to improve the quality and productivity of Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.), Eco. Env. & Cons. 24 (2) : 621-627.

4. Gunam, I.B.W. B. Issassam, N.S.Antara, I W. Arnata, Y. Setiyo, A.A.M.D. Anggreni, I G.A..L Triani. 2018. Biodegradation of Dibenzothiophene Using Bacteria Isolated from Samboja Kutai, East Kalimantan: Indonesia. Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences, 9(2): 1-7.

5. Setiyo, Y. Gunadnya, I.B.P., Gunam, I.B.W., and. Susrusa, I K.B. 2017. The implementation of low external input sustainable agriculture system to increase productivity of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.). Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment, 15(2): 62-67.


International Proceedings

1. Gunam, I.B.W. Iqbal, Antara, N.S., Arnata, I W., Setiyo, Y., Gunadnya, I.B.P. 2017. Biodesulfurization of Dibenzothiophene by a Newly Isolated Agrobacterium tumefaciens LSU20. Applied Mechanics and Materials, 855:143-149 (URU International Conference on Science and Technology 2016 (URUICST 2016), 1-2 Agustus 2016 Uttaradit Rajabath University, Uttaradit, Thailand).

2. Wijaya, I.M.A.S., Fitriani, P.P.E., Gunam, I.B.W., Wrasiati, L.P. 2016. Moisture sorption isotherm characteristics of instant cassava (Manihot Esculenta Crantz) at various fitting models. International Conference on Agricultural and Food Engineering (Cafei2016) 23-25 August 2016. e-ISBN 978-967-960-401-6. 35-25 August 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

3. Setiyo,Y., I.B.P. Gunadnya, IG.A. Lani Triani, N.L. Yulianti, I D.G.M. Permana and I.B.W. Gunam. 2016. Leisa System Cultivation of Sword Lentils (Canavalia ensiformis). The 2nd International Conference On Food Agriculture And Natural Resources 2016 Universitas Brawijaya, Malang East Jawa, Indonesia 2 4 August 2016 4. Setiyo, Y., Gunadnya, I.B.P., Gunam, I.B.W. Permana, I D.G.M., Susrusa, K.B., Triani, IG.A.L. 2015. Improving Physical and Chemical Soil Characteristic on Potatoes (Solanum tuberosum L.) Cultivation by Implementation of Leisa System. Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 9 ( 2016 ) 525 531 (International Conference on Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources, IC-FANRes 2015, Jember Indonesia).


Book Chapter (in Indonesia)

1. Setiyo, Y., Susrusa, K.B., Gunam, I.B.W., Gunadnya, I.B.P., Yulianti, N.L., Ada, W. (2017) Potato Agribusiness, Udayana University Press, ISBN: 978-602-294-171-2.

2. Setiyo, Y., I.B.W. Gunam, I.B.P. Gunadnya, Victor Manuntun Manurung, Sumiyati. 2013. Productivity Optimization of Potato Seeds Varieties Granola G3 with Manipulation of Fertilization Dose. Karya Unud untuk Anak Bangsa 2013. Udayana University Press (ISBN: 578-602-7774-76-0)

3. Setiyo, Y., I.B.W. Gunam, I.B.P. Gunadnya, dan I W. Tika. 2011. In-Situ Bioremediation of Pesticide-Affected Land by Microbes present in Compost. Book the excellence research Udayana University. Undaya University Press.

4. Bali Traditional Food (Pangan Tradisional Bali): Study on Social and Cultural Aspects, Economics, Processing, Benefits and Security. Center for Traditional Food Studies. Udayana University Research Institute (2010)


Book/Proceeding Editors:

1. Kewarganegaraan (2016) (Book)

2. 2nd National Seminar on Science and Technology (2015) (Proceeding)

3. Karya Unud untuk Anak Bangsa, Undaya University Press (227 p, ISBN:978-602-7776-76-0. (2013) (Book).

4. Pemikirian Kritis Guru Besar (2010-2013) (Book)

5. International Conference on Bioscience and Biotechnology (ICBB) (2009-2012) (Proceeding)


International Scientific Presentations (last 5 years)

1. Gunam, I.B.W. 2017. Chemical Pretreatment of Lignocellulosic Materials Before Enzymaticaly Saccharification Using Culture Filtrate of Aspergillus niger FNU 6018 and Trichoderma viride FNCC 6012. 9th International Seminar of Indonesian Society for Microbiology (ISISM 9), 14-15 November 2017, Palembang (Oral Presentation).

2. Antara, N.S. Gunam, I.B.W. 2017. Dietary fibre and prebiotic potential of bammboo shoot from tabah bamboo (Gigantochloa nigrocilliata Buse-Kurz). 10th International October 22-25 2017 GSCO, Gunsan, Jeonbuk, Korea Selatan Conference and Exhibition of Netraceutical and Functional food (ISNFF 2017) (Oral Presentation).

3. Gunam, I.B.W., Iqbal, Antara, N.S., Setiyo, Y., Gunadnya, I.B.P. 2016. Biodesulfurization of Dibenzothiophene by a Newly Isolated Agrobacterium tumefaciens LSU20. URU International Conference on Science and Technology 2016 (URUICST 2016), 1-2 Agustus 2016 Uttaradit Rajabath University, Uttaradit, Thailand (Oral Presentation).

4. Antara, N.S. Gunam, I.B.W. 2016. Short Chain Fatty Acid Produced by Lactic Acid and Fecal Bacteria Fermentation of Bamboo Shoot Powder. International Conference Food Innovations: Asean Economic Community Challenges, 21-23 September 2016, Jakarta, Indonesia (Oral Presentation).

5. Setiyo, Y., Gunam, I.B.W. 2016. LEISA System on Cultivation Lentil Sword (Canavalia ensiformis). International of Conference on Food, Agricultural and Natural Resources 2016, 2-4 Agustus 2016 UB Malang, Indonesia(Oral Presentation).


National Scientific Presentations

1. Gunam, I.B.W. 2018. Development of Traditional Rice-Based Alcoholic Beverage Products. Seminar on 2nd Karangasem Subak Festival, September 2, 2018 (Invite speaker)

2. Antara, N.S. Gunam, I.B.W. 2017. Increase Digestibility Value of Banana Stalk by Fermentation. Seminar Nasional Sains dan Teknologi IV (SENASTEK IV -2017), 1415 December 2017 Kuta, Bali Indonesia (Oral).

3. Antara, N.S. Gunam, I.B.W. 2017. Evaluation of Quality and Organoleptic of Pickle Bamboo from Tabah Bamboo (Gigantochloa nigrociliata), Seminar Nasional Perhimpunan Ahli Teknologi Pangan Indonesia (PATPI) 2017, Bandar Lampung, 1012 Oktober 2017 (Oral).

4. Sukmaningsih, A.A.S., Gunam, I.B.W. 2017. Detection of Smoke Free Radical after Smearing Juwet Fruit Extract (Syzygium cumini) in cigarette filters by ESR Leybold Heraceus. Seminar Nasional Sains dan Teknologi IV (SENASTEK IV -2017), 1415 December 2017 Kuta, Bali Indonesia (Oral).

5. Application of Value Added Technology of Ginger and Turmeric Commodity in Subak Abian Batulantang, Petang Badung Sub-district. Seminar Nasional Sains dan Teknologi IV (SENASTEK IV -2017), 1415 December 2017 Kuta, Bali Indonesia (Oral).

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