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제목 VanViet Man LE, VIETNAM 등록일 -0001.11.30 00:00
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VanViet Man LE

Head of Food Technology Department

HoChi Minh City University of Technology



- Engineer degree in Food fermentation technology at Moscow National Institute of Food Industry in Russia (1995),

- Ph.D. degree in Food fermentation engineering at Toulouse National Polytechnique Institute in France (2000),


“Professor Van Viet Man LE is Head of Food Technology Department, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology. His research programs focus on the application of advanced techniques to food processing for improvement in product yield and quality. The research topics include high gravity brewing with immobilized yeast, use of food processing residue in functional food production and microencapsulation of thermo-sensitive compounds in food processing.”





TITLE: Vietnamese Alcoholic Rice Beverage and its Potential Development

ABSTRACT: Rice is the most important crops in Vietnam. In 2017, Vietnam is the fifth country in rice production with 27.4 million metric tons of milled rice. In the same year, Vietnam is the third country in rice exportation with 5.8 million metric tons. Different rice based foods have been produced and alcoholic rice beverage plays a significant role in cultural and spiritual life of Vietnamese people.

In Vietnam, alcoholic rice beverage can be divided in two groups: distilled and non-distilled products. Distilled products consist of ruou de, ruou nep, vodka, liquor which have been produced at both industrial and home scale. Non-distilled products including ruou can and wine rice have been only produced at home scale. The production methods are briefly described and discussed. Current research on alcoholic rice beverage is introduced for improvement in product yield and quality. Key-words: ruou can, ruou de, ruou nep, Vietnamese alcoholic rice beverage. 

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