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International Sool Conference, Seoul 2018 

Rice Farming Culture and Alcoholic Rice Beverage Industry 

―  A New Framework and Plans for the Future 

November, 23rd(Fri) 09:00~17:30, 24th(Sat) 09:00~12:30 

Grand Conference Hall, 1F., Building No.201, 

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS), Seoul National University 

November 23rd (Fri.)  
 08:30–9:00 Registration 
 09:00–9:10 Welcoming Address: Dae Yung Jeung, Chairman of Korea Suul Institute Congratulatory Remarks: Soojin Park, Director of Seoul National University Asia Center 
Session 1.
“Rice Farming and Alcoholic Rice Beverage: from Ancient Days to Now”  
 09:10-09:25 Keynote Speaker : Tae Young Kim, Former Agriculture Researcher of the Rural Development Administration
 09:30-10:05 Grains, the Campaign for Abstinence from Alcohol and Liquor Taxes: The Modernity of East Asian Alcohols ☞ Young-Ha Joo, The Academy of Korean Studies 
 10:10-10:45 Uncorking the past: alcoholic fermentation as humankind's first biotechnology ☞ Patrick E. McGovern, University of Pennsylvania
 10:50-11:25Supply and Demand of Rice and Brewing Industry in Modern Korea: a Technology Historian’s View ☞ Tae Ho Kim, Chonbuk National Universit
 11:30-13:10 Lunch 
 Session 2.
“Rice Farming and Alcoholic Rice Beverage Industry in Asia” 
 13:10-13:45 Recent Advances in China on alcoholic rice beverages ☞ Shuangping Liu, Jiangnan University 
 13:50-14:25 Rice Farming and History of Making Traditional Indonesian Alcoholic Beverage ☞ Ida Bagus Wayan Gunam, Udayana University
 14:30-15:00 Break with Refreshments 
 15:00-15:35 Vietnamese Alcoholic Rice Beverage and its Potential Development ☞ Van Viet Man LE, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology 
 15:40-16:15 Introduction to Taiwanese Alcoholic Rice Beverages and the Perspective on Its Future Development ☞ Wen-Ching Ko, Da-Yeh University
 16:20-16:55 Rice Farming and Alcohol Beverage Industry in the Republic of Korea ☞ Chul Cheong, Seoul Venture University 
 17:00-17:30 Questions and Answers for the Audience 
 November 24th (Sat.)  
 08:30-9:00 Registration 
Session 3.
 “The Prospect of Alcoholic Rice Beverage” 
 09:00-9:35 Comparison of Brewing Method of the Major Alcoholic Beverages in the World: Wine, Beer, Sake, and Sool ☞ Heui Yun Kang, Gyeonggido Agricultural Research and Extension Service
 09:40-10:15 The Case of Industrialization of Wine Cluster in European Union and Economic Value of A.O.C. ☞ Henri de Dampierre, Chateu De Plassac 
 10:20-10:40 Break with refreshments
 10:40-11:15 Market Developments and Product Improvements in the Lambic Beer Industry since 1990 ☞ Yves Panneels, The Gueuze Society 
11:20-11:55 Branding of Korean Alcoholic Beverages: Its Meaning and Outlook ☞ Sunook Park, California State University, Long Beach (CSULB), Seoul National University Asia Center (SNUAC)
 12:00-12:30Questions and Answers for the Audience
Closing Remarks

This Conference is

organized by Korea Suul Institute (KSI)

hosted by Korea Suul Institute &  Seoul National University Asia Center

Sponsored by

Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

 Korea Agro-Fisheries and Food Trade Corporation

Center for the Study of Inequality and Demoracy of Korea University

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