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Welcome to the website of the "International Sool Conference (ISC), Seoul 2018", organized by the Korea Suul Institute (KSI), and hosted by the Korea Suul Institute and Seoul National University Asia Center, sponsored by Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Korea Agro-Fisheries and Food Trade Corporation, Center for the Study of Inequality and Democracy of Korea University and Global Companies CEO Association.


The objective of the conference is to investigate, discuss, and establish deeper understanding of cultural, sociological, and historical significance of rice farming culture and alcoholic rice beverage industry in rice farming countries. The attendees of the conference would include commercial rice wine manufactures, distributors, retailers, government officials, academics as well as the public.


The conference will focus on:

- The origin of alcoholic rice beverages in Asia and cultural confluence

- Analysis of alcoholic rice beverage industry

- Global brand development of alcoholic rice beverage and a new framework and plans for the future.


Traditional Asian alcoholic beverage made from rice has a very long history, but its production process has not been assisted by the contemporary science and the tradition is under the threat of extinction in many countries. The brand value of most alcoholic rice beverages is still very low. The conference is one of the first steps toward protecting and developing the rice farming culture and alcoholic rice beverage industry in the world. We believe that the collaborative effort of rice-farming countries is timely and can eventually lead us to the goals. Thank you.


Best wishes,


The Organizing Committee of the International Sool Conference, Seoul 2018

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