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How to make Sool

제목 Every Wednesday, Let's Begin with Rice & Water^^ 등록일 -0001.11.30 00:00
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To Promote Conference Every Wednesday Morning(10:00~11:30) in this November, You can make Sool.
Please feel free contact us.
RESERVATION: ☎ +82 10-5185-1964, Reservation Fee: KRW110,000
Language: Korean & English


BOOK, 『Begin with Rice & Water - A Primer on Brewing Makgeolli』

Ⅰ. What is makgeolli?
Ⅱ. Ingredients
Ⅲ. Fermentation principles
Ⅳ. Methods & Materials
Ⅴ. Recipe: Danyangju
Ⅵ. Conclusion & References for Further Learning/Supplementary Materials

"This file exists to introduce home brewers to the principles of making makgeolli, a raw, unfiltered rice alcohol at least as old as the nation of Korea itself. We will cover the historical and cultural context briefly, and introduce a basic recipe which forms the starting point of hundreds of others. This recipe can be carried out in even a minimally appointed kitchen using household implements with a minimum of specialized tools and ingredients. Most ingredients as well are available in most parts of the world, and cheaply so, especially compared to the marked up retail cost of a comparable - but frequently inferior - finished retail product, as is typical of home fermentation. Makgeolli will challenge the beer and wine brewer, in that it asks that its maker make peace with a certain kind of controlled chaos: if beer and wine require the precise timing and control reminiscent of baking, makgeolli is a bit more of the rule-of-thumb, steering-general-principlesaccording-to-taste of stovetop cooking, rewarding those who learn its basic principles and apply their own creativity with an eye to the flexibility and inherent fickleness of Korean brewing. We have found ourselves richly rewarded over the years as our knowledge has expanded, and discover novelty in even the most basic recipes the more we repeat them. One of our favorites, and a common foundation stage for more complex, longer-term recipes, we present here for the enjoyment of all."

> Issued on December 2014
> Published by Chun Hye-Kyung, President of the National Academy of Agricultural Science, RDA
> Author Becca Baldwin and Daniel Lenaghan
> Edited by Kim Jae-Hyun, Jeong Seok-Tae, Yeo Soo-Hwan, Choi Ji-Ho, Choi Han-Seok, Kang Ji-Eun, Kim Chan-Woo, Jo Hyo-Jin and Kim Ki-Heul
> Publication Fermented Food Science Division Department of agrofood Resource, National Academy of Agricultural Science, Rural Develop Administration, Korea
> Address #166, Nongsaengmyeong-ro, Iseo-myeon, Wanju-gun, Jeollabuk-do, 565-851, Korea Tel. +82 63 238 3601

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